“Hell Fire” Published at The Big Adios

I’m proud to have my new western noir tale “Hell Fire” published as the feature story this week on the new all-western e-zine The Big Adios.  The zine just launched earlier this month and it looks great!  The design and artwork are nicely done.  I’m joining some good company with the other authors there.  The very first story was a dilly called “Missing” by Edward A. Grainger (aka, David Cranmer), author of the highly regarded series featuring outlaw marshall Cash Laramie.  If it’s your first encounter with Cash, it probably won’t be your last.

My own story, “Hell Fire” is another western noir piece in a growing collection of tales set in and around Perseverance, Oregon.  I’m writing these stories in such a way that they inter-connect in various ways, small and large.  The idea is that major characters in one story appear as walk-on players in another character’s tale.  Events that drive one story have echoes or unforeseen implications in another.  The short story collection I’m working on here won’t be a novel exactly because it won’t have a single over-arching plot, but I’m hoping it will have a novelistic effect so that all the stories together can have an impact greater than the sum of the individual parts.

“Hell Fire” starts with a stranger at a campfire asking, “You ever have a woman get you in the God way?”

I hope you’ll take a few moments to stop on by The Big Adios and read the rest of this new story.  Your readership is appreciated and your comments are always welcome.

“A Lady’s Pistol” at Fires on the Plain

My latest western noir tale, “A Lady’s Pistol” is now available online at Fires on the Plain, a new e-zine dedicated to publishing the best of independent western crime fiction.

This publication is definitely right up my alley.  I was beside myself when I heard it was going live in late February, and I haven’t been disappointed since.  Editor Cullen Gallagher is doing a bang-up job getting this fledgling project off the ground.  The e-zine started strong with three really great stories in the first three weeks — “The Serpent Box” by Jake Hinkson, “Pox” by Patti Abbott, and “Jingle Bob” by Ron Scheer.  I’m thrilled to be joining their ranks with this week’s featured story.

Please step on over to Fires on the Plain.  I’d appreciate your comments on this western noir tale of murder and mayhem.

“Whistlin’ Pete” at Flash Fiction Offensive

I’m thrilled to be back in the saddle over at the Flash Fiction Offensive with a nasty little tale called “They’ll Call Me Whistlin’ Pete.”  My latest piece of “western noir” went live last Friday and remains the featured story for the duration while they go through some minor transitions.  If you haven’t had a chance yet, mosey on over and check it out:

“They’ll Call Me Whistlin’ Pete” at Flash Fiction Offensive

David Barber does a hell of a job as editor there, and I’m very grateful that my stories can find homes at his wonderful publication.

For those of you who keeping score at home, this is the second story to see light of day from my forthcoming Tales of Perseverance collection.  A series of interlinked western noir tales set in and around Perseverance, Oregon, in the 1880’s.  Founded at the end of a wrong turn off the Oregon Trail, Perseverance is in the words of one resident, “A town named after the dubious virtue of steadfastly moving in the wrong direction.”

Watch for more Tales of Perseverance in the coming weeks and months!