“A Lady’s Pistol” at Fires on the Plain

My latest western noir tale, “A Lady’s Pistol” is now available online at Fires on the Plain, a new e-zine dedicated to publishing the best of independent western crime fiction.

This publication is definitely right up my alley.  I was beside myself when I heard it was going live in late February, and I haven’t been disappointed since.  Editor Cullen Gallagher is doing a bang-up job getting this fledgling project off the ground.  The e-zine started strong with three really great stories in the first three weeks — “The Serpent Box” by Jake Hinkson, “Pox” by Patti Abbott, and “Jingle Bob” by Ron Scheer.  I’m thrilled to be joining their ranks with this week’s featured story.

Please step on over to Fires on the Plain.  I’d appreciate your comments on this western noir tale of murder and mayhem.